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Guesthouses in France

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The development of guesthouses in France has been an important upward trend in recent years, as tourists want a good alternative to hotels. Most are in quiet locations - manor houses, chateaux or chalets and offer 3-5 bedrooms. They offer personally chosen decor and a friendly atmosphere to make a customer feel at home. Michelin's brand new "Guesthouses in France" is the ultimate guide to the country's most beautiful guesthouses. This guide features the exclusive, independent and thorough selection of Michelin inspectors, which makes it a one-of-a-kind.

Mazurkiewicz Andrzej, Mazurkiewicz Katarzyna Индия. Гималаи. Карта гор. Indian. Himalaya

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Trekking routes This guidebook is unique in presenting detailed descriptions of 22 trekking itineraries in the Indian Himalaya. The routes have been especially devised to pass through the most scenic and culturally interesting regions of northern India. The information on the distance and time needed to cover particular route sections makes it easy for experienced trekkers and trekking novices alike to plan their trip in great detail. Maps and height profiles Each trek description includes a 1:350 000-scale map (with the route marked on it) and a height profile diagram that reflects landform features. This is what makes the guidebook unique and - even more importantly - invaluably useful when trekking the Himalaya mountains. Practical information The guidebook offers all kinds of indispensable tips: from food and drink, through recommended equipment, to transportation. You will find it priceless to learn which time of the year to choose for your expedition, and what to look out for to make it safe. Exceptional part of the Himalaya The Indian Himalaya are less frequented than Nepal, another famous expanse of the highest mountains in the world. It is a truly extraordinary place, untouched by Western civilization. The region's allure is its amazing wildlife, as well as the inimitable culture and traditions of its native people.

Indien. Nepal. Bangladesch. Bhutan. Sri Lanka. 1:2 750 000

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A detailed road map of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, at a scale of 1:2,750,000 (1" to 44 miles). Parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and Myanmar (Burma) are shown. There are insets of the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, and the center of Delhi city. The map is on one side and the index is on the reverse. Shading is used to accent the land in relief. Selected elevations and distances are shown. The legend shows road classifications, rail lines, ferry routes, and physical features. Temples and churches of interest along with other sites are indicated. the legend is in English, German, French, Italian, and some local languages. The lettering is in the Latin alphabet.

India 1:2 900 000

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Diese Landkarte erscheint in der Landkartenserie world mapping projec bei Reise Know-How. Kennzeichnend ist die hochwertige, klare und moderne kartografische Darstellung. - Hohenlinien mit Hohenangaben - Farbige Hohenschichten - Klassifiziertes Straennetz mit Entfernungsangaben - Sehenswurdigkeiten - Ausfuhrlicher Ortsindex - GPS-Tauglichkeit durch Langen-und Breitengrade - UTM-Gitter

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